It’s all about the pretty parts these days, isn’t it!

When I was a kid I always thought about love as this pure thing that I certainly believed it had to be pretty.

We have been fed the story of those epic love stories so much so that we have started believing in the fairytale world where there will be happy endings always and almost without putting any effort this is the pretty part we believe that will come true, but as Rick says surprise motherfuckers I have a bad news for you it won’t be the same for everybody sometimes just sometimes it won’t click the first time and one has to get out of the skin by doing something extraordinary to achieve that ordinary.

Certainly, the generation where love is a swipe away sometimes we are tricked into believing that fairytale love will already be a swipe away and why should I put an effort to make it work where I can get a person who will be exactly as I had imagined.

After seeing so many relationships going to waste thinking how difficult life has been for some people to find love I genuinely feel we as a generation are scared to put the effort we want to and we tend to let go of so many good things when all we could have done was not held back and given it a fair chance but then when it comes to that we feel so pressured that we need some random sign to take that leap of faith or not.

I may not be the right person to advise here still I will give my 2 cents on how to make things work, love fades in due course of time so what keeps the relationships going, in my opinion, the joy of doing mundane things together is what keeps it ticking.

Just keep the fear of failing aside believe that no fairytale thing is going to happen, you will have tough days just keep holding the hand doesn’t matter how hard it gets.

So you must be thinking how I became the adviser on relationships because my success ratio of making them work eventually is zero till now(haha) so you can skip my advice too and keep on making it work the way you think is the best but let me tell you just one last thing it works only if you both want it to work.

Aspiring polymath!

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