The best way to understand life is to read books

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This year was a strange year where hell broke loose on everybody. It was hard to switch from a regular office to working from home environment which brought changes into day to day life. There was a lot more time to fill up with things that you did not get time to do earlier.

All my life I used to give an excuse that reading was hard and when you can watch a movie why do you need to read? …

1x better today 365x growth in a year and that is how you win at life

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What do you think is one thing you want to do but you are not able to start? Is it because you keep giving yourself excuses that you don’t have time to do it or that you would not succeed even if you tried.

The worst thing is we want to do things but we keep procrastinating because of a lack of willpower to start and even if we start the hardest part is to have enough patience to see the results.

There are days where you will feel super low and would almost come to quit the thing you…

The single most important skill is learning how to learn

It shows the mirror you always avoided while doing random things being in your comfort zone.

I have been dealing with learning issues lately and my understanding of the process has made me realize that I had lost the joy of learning.

As a student, we were taught to be focused on getting good grades rather than improving the core skill which is learning the subject, as time went by I became an average student who knew how to cram things in the last moment and understand a few of them to get through the exams.

Learning is a hard…

It was the year 2014 I had relocated back to my home for a new job, I had to start doing something about fitness. I had been to the gym many times in my life before but for a short span of time, I was never focused enough to see the results so I ended up leaving it after a few months.

This time I and my brother decided to join it together just to keep our motivations in check. …

Don’t love money because it would suck the air out of your life and will leave you suffocating on the pile of nothingness.

Creator: Deborah Harrison

Earning money is extremely important but it should not come at the cost of losing your core values. Also, we should not focus solely on earning money it should always be the by-product of the work.

“Money is just a means to an end and not an end itself” Naval Ravikant

In my early years as a professional, I was always focused on getting more money and I wasted many years struggling to earn more money rather than focussing on learning and improving myself each day.

Money is one such thing which can make you do anything if you let…

When I was a kid I always thought about love as this pure thing that I certainly believed it had to be pretty.

We have been fed the story of those epic love stories so much so that we have started believing in the fairytale world where there will be happy endings always and almost without putting any effort this is the pretty part we believe that will come true, but as Rick says surprise motherfuckers I have a bad news for you it won’t be the same for everybody sometimes just sometimes it won’t click the first time and…

Whenever there is a big decision coming up in life, the choices that you make depend only on one thing — your mindset.

So what is mindset? Wikipedia tells us:

“A mindset is a set of assumptions, methods, or notations held by one or more people or groups of people.”

The only thing which comes to my mind is who decides this mindset and how do we develop these fences to our mindset, is it something we are fed or do we just tend to give into fear of this uncharted territory which you have not seen.

When I was…

Pallav Grover

Aspiring polymath!

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